Castor Cake

Castor Cake

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In this country, we are considered as one of the trusted and renowned manufacturers and exporters of Castor Cake. This type of cake is extensively utilized as the organic fertilizer due to its high quality, environment friendly nature, non hazardous and less moisture content. Our well-experienced team members use supreme quality caster seeds and cold pressing process to product such cake. Made available in multiple packaging options, the Castor Cake is offered to buyers at the most economical prices.

Castor Cake:-

Castor Cake is produce by crushing castor seeds in expeller to extract oil from it in a control temperature with help of steam.


  1. N- 5.8%

  2. P- 1.8%

  3. K- 1%

  4. Calcium- 1%

  5. Oil- 4 to 6%

  6. Protein- 32%

  7. Traces of Magnesium, Zinc, Copper.

Benefits of Castor Cake:-

  1. Organic Fertilizer, choice of fertilizer for organic farming

  2. Rich source of NPK and other micronutrients

  3. Increase fertility

  4. Increases humus

  5. Increase growth of earthworm

  6. Controls ph

  7. Increases residual effect

  8. Increase Nitrogen supply for Root

  9. Soil aeration for better root development

  10. Inhibit growth of termite & other pest.

  11. Increases shininess of fruit.

  12. economical

Uses of Castor Cake:-

  1. Useful as a fertilizer in farm, can be use with other fertilizer for synergic effect.

  2. It is also used as fuel in boiler due to its high caloric value than lignite and coal.